The Genesis100 Campaign

Dear Friend of Genesis College,

You may be wondering, how can missionaries launch a Christian college in the most expensive nation on earth? Universities are often associated with large donors and even larger endowments. Faculty require salaries, and a college campus requires computers, a library, a cafeteria, desks, chairs, and many other things.

05First, our hope is not in buildings, in programs, or even people but rather the Lord who has created the universe. He has called many to serve on the Genesis team who believe that serving as a missionary faculty for Genesis International College is both a joy and privilege. Since all of our missionary faculty will not be paid salaries, we can operate as a small college in a very expensive nation. Of course there are great challenges in raising our own salaries, and yet we believe that we have been called to partner our own network of supporters who have been sacrificing financially to send us to serve in Japan with Genesis International College.


Our partnership with Belhaven University allows us to take advantage of online technologies and educational opportunities that would not be possible 10-15 years ago. Yet, we cannot launch without partners to come alongside us. We are working to raise between $500,000 to $1,000,000 USD to pay for Japanese staff, rental facilities, computers, desks, chairs, and other minimal necessities in running Genesis International College.

Although this money isn’t a large sum in Japan, to those of us who serve in Japan who have to raise our own financial support/salary, it is an astronomical amount. As I was praying about how $500,0000 to $1,000,000 USD needed to be raised to launch a college in one of the most expensive and unreached nations on earth, I felt a bit overwhelmed at my own inadequacies and inabilities. I readily confessed to the Lord and anyone who would listen, that I really have no ability to raise this money. I felt much conviction that surely, the Lord would raise up all that was necessary for His Kingdom work in Japan. I also felt much conviction from the Lord that as the leader of this college, I could not ask others to do what I was not willing to do.

Each member of the Genesis Leadership Team is fully invested in the Lord’s work in Japan through Genesis International College. To that end, we have pledged $10,000 of our future salary to Genesis over the next five years. We are praying for 97 other Christians who will match these gifts.

Dear friend as you prayerfully consider how the Lord may lead you to serve Him, would you consider becoming a part of the Genesis100?

The Genesis100 campaign is seeking 100 people, churches, or organizations who would commit to giving $167/month for the next five years so we could have the minimal capital required to launch this college. We are compelled by this opportunity for the 17+ million people in Osaka, and truly believe this is a unique opportunity for the gospel to take seed in Japan – the largest unreached nation in the world where less than 0.22% of the population attends a protestant church of any kind. We want to ask for your prayers. If you are unable to donate for any reason, would you prayerfully consider introducing us to someone or to a church/organization who may be able to be a part of the Genesis100? Thank you for allowing us to serve in Japan on your behalf.

Warmly in Christ on behalf of the entire Genesis team,

Brent Kooi



Genesis International College of Osaka is a new English language Christian college aimed at Japanese nationals scheduled to launch in 2015-2016. We will offer a one-year full-time English Academic Training Program (EATP), modular part-time English for the Executive Professional (EXP) aimed at Japanese businessmen, and an accredited two-year Associate in Arts (AA) degree in partnership with Christian universities in the USA. Our vision is to educate, equip, and empower the next generation of young Japanese leaders with the gospel of Jesus Christ to reach Japan
and the world.

We are seeking 100 donors or introductions to donors who will be able to donate $10,000 over the next 5 years ($167/month) or any other amount to help raise the $500,000 to $1 million necessary to launch Genesis College.

All donations are tax deductible in the USA and you will receive a tax receipt.

To donate to Genesis College, there are 3 options: 1. Check, 2. Direct Bank Transfer/EFT, or 3. Credit Card.
If possible, we prefer 1 or 2 since the credit card companies will charge us 2.7% in fees. For one-time donations a check is usually easiest, and for regular monthly giving Direct Bank Transfer is by far the best method.

1. Check:
– Please make the check payable to: Mission to the World
– In the notes section, please put: Genesis College Osaka #92888
– You can mail the check to:
Mission to the World
P.O. Box 2589
Suwanee, GA 30024-0982

2. Direct Bank Transfer:
– Please fill out the following EFT form:
– In the missionary/ministry section please put: Genesis College Osaka #92888
If you have any questions about this option, please contact MTW Partner Services at: or 866-373-6133.

3. Credit Card:
– Please go to this link:
– Fill in the amount and click next (Please do not make the donation anonymous so we can pray for you as well!)
– Confirm that the donation is going to: JP Genesis Intn’l College-Osaka
– If you would like to make a donation to Genesis College via credit card, the credit card companies charge us 3% in transactions fees. If at all possible, it would save us 3% in transaction fees if you are willing to use direct banking.

– Companies like Google, HP, and others will match an employee’s donation to non-profit organizations but will not do so to religious corporations like MTW. If your company has a matching donation program to non-profit organizations, please contact us ( so we can provide more information on how to process matching donations from corporations.

– If you would like to donate in Korea or Japan, we have separate bank accounts for each country. Other nations, please contact us for more information.
– Contact email: