Genesis College will offer three programs:

  • English Academic Training Program
  • Associate in Arts
  • English for the Executive Professional

English Academic Training Program (EATP)
The EATP is an intensive six month to one year full-time program. Students will attend class for approximately fifteen hours each week, and have about two hours of homework daily in addition to required events and activities. The classes will be small — typically about ten students per class so that students can receive individual instruction from the professor.

The EATP can be a precursor to, though not necessarily a prerequisite for, the Associate of Arts degree offered by Genesis International College. It is intended for non-native English speakers who need to improve their English skills to meet the requirements of studying at an English language international college. The EATP, however, is more than just gaining English language skills. It is a program that will specifically focus on academic English skills, the sort of skills that would be taught at a competitive high school in the USA.

Some foundations of a Western education include the ability to answer and defend one’s answer with respect to questions such as:

  1. What do you think about this issue?
  2. Why do you think this way?
  3. Do you agree with what this person says? Why or why not?
  4. Is this person right or wrong? Why or why not? Is there a correct answer or not?

20Students will be taught how to express their own views, defend them from others, and also argue for their viewpoints in a cogent manner.

EATP students will be given much more than mere academic preparation. Through multiple activities, clubs, and students trips, each student will have many opportunities to interact in English with native English speakers. The EATP is not a degree program, and is open to anyone regardless of background.

Admission to the EATP does not guarantee admission to the Associate in Arts program. EATP graduates, like everyone else, must officially apply to the AA program.

All faculty in the EATP will have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an English speaking university. Many will also have graduate degrees.

Associate in Arts (A.A.)
The AA degree program will be a full-time two year program. Students will attend class for approximately 10-15 hours per week, and have about 2 hours of homework daily. The classes will be small, with approximately 10 students per class, so that students can receive individual instruction from the professor.

04Genesis AA students will take approximately 25% of their classes online from our partner school, Belhaven University. Genesis faculty will be present and assist our students in their online coursework. The AA courses are geared towards general education requirements. Upon completion of their two year program in Osaka, Genesis students will receive an accredited Associate in Arts degree from Belhaven University, enabling them to transfer directly to Belhaven, if they choose, or to apply to any American university with a Belhaven transcript. The AA degree can also be used as a stand-alone degree.

Genesis AA students will be involved in various clubs and activities, community service projects, and internships with local companies as well as throughout Asia and America.

English for the Executive Professional (EXP)
The EXP will be a modular two- to four-week program, with classes offered in the evenings or on weekends to accommodate business leaders who wish to improve their business English and management skills. Classes will be small, with approximately ten students per class so that students can receive individual instruction from the professor.

EXP classes will be centered around specific topics and industries. Some classes will be for beginners, as well as some for those with more advanced skills in business English.