Welcome to Genesis College!

Genesis International College is a new Christian college in Osaka, Japan scheduled launch in the next two or three years. Our goal is to reach Japanese undergraduate students who desire to learn in an English-language international environment through gospel-centered activities and ministry. As a Christian college, we seek to teach all subjects from an evangelical Christian worldview. It is a project of Mission to the World.

Genesis International College will offer a one-year intensive English Academic Training Program (EATP) as well as an accredited two-year A.A. (Associates in Arts) degree in partnership with Belhaven University in the USA. We will also offer a non-degree evening and weekend English for the Executive Professional (EXP) for Japanese business leaders who desire to improve their business English communication skills.


The Osaka metropolitan area is the 2nd largest metropolitan area in Japan with more than 17 million inhabitants. The Osaka metropolitan area is larger in population than 134 nations of the world including Denmark, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Cambodia, Guatemala, and Niger. Genesis College will be strategically placed in the heart of downtown Osaka, near Osaka Station.





“To Educate, Equip, and Empower the next generation of global leaders with the gospel of Jesus Christ to reach Japan and the world”
Welcome to a new beginning, new opportunity, and a new life.
  • All courses are offered in English.
  • A one year full-time English Academic Training Program (EATP) with a focus on learning how to thrive in a western, English-speaking university.
  • A two year full-time Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree, with concentrations in Christian Leadership or Business Communications.
  • Weekly chapel services with guest speakers from around the world.
  • Vibrant activities and clubs, benefitting the entire Genesis College.
  • Grace based and gospel centered in word and deed.
Welcome to teaching excellence.
  • Our teachers love to teach and have specifically prepared to come and teach in Japan at Genesis College.
  • All instructors in the Associate in Arts program hold graduate degrees in their field of expertise.



Welcome to a 10:1 student to faculty ratio.
  • Our goal is to provide small classes of approximately 10 students per class in our A.A. program, ensuring that each student receives individual care and attention.
  • The goal of each class is to encourage interaction not only between the professor and students, but also between fellow students.



Welcome to English language immersion.
  • We are an English language college. Every student will be in a 100% English language immersion environment from their first class.
  • Every activity and event will be conducted in English with native English speakers leading the groups.
  • We believe that advanced English communications and business skills are becoming increasingly necessary in this global economy.
  • English is not only the fastest growing language in human history with more than 1.75 billion speakers, but has become the defacto international language of the world.┬áIn particular, many Japanese corporations such as Rakuten and Uniqlo are recognizing and adapting to this global change by requiring their employees to conduct business in English.